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Could someone explain to me why the f*ck is SAI always crashing all of a sudden ? It's the same version as I used on my old PC, I run it as an administrator as I always did... it started opening a box saying "Access violation" when I was using it on my laptop, out of nowhere, but that was it. And now on my actual desktop computer it just won't work, it freezes and crashes with like 3 windows popping saying something like I don't have a licensed version... So is there a way to correct this ? Every other SAI I looked for on internet werent working. If someone knows where I can actually BUY this program please tell me I'm tired of this sh*t =___= I just lost 3 hours of work.
My OC's hair: The Truth
I know you've all wondered why the rainbow hair ! When it comes to rainbow everybody is wondering why !! EVERYBODY ! Ciel Phantomhive (Serious Look) [V1] (btw i'm joking kay don't hurt me plz)

So yeah here's the answer that will bring light to the world. 
By the way look at these -> [i]: potted flower pixel [i]: potted sprout pixel [i]: free cactus bun icon   I saw these in the recent community emoticons while posting this strip, I thought there were so cute so I put them here for no reason.
There's also this one that appeals me for some reason Bleach Emoticon 

**EDIT** I thought it was milk and I love milk but it seems it's bleach afterall o_O
Back to school + lil talk
I'm not sure if I'm really excited about it or just anxious hmm  But anyway I'll be studying something I have interests in for once !! Graphic design !

Was about to say sorry for not being active at all, but in fact no, I'm not active because of my strange actual life and there is simply nothing to be sorry about. Physic & mental health problems were never been things I had to deal with before (Wow I feel like this sentence doesn't make much sense, I should revise my english verb tenses XD) But now it takes a really big part of my time. And I am sorry if maybe I was being rough to people struggling with theses problems too some years ago. Dunno for other people but what makes me the most sad is how it changed me in a way I don't like at all. At least I'll learn from all this.

As I said I'll be studying graphic design, so I'll probably share some of my works here ! Sad to see dA isn't really as I knew it anymore but I still got some hope for the artists still hanging around. 



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thecuteworkIsAdanger Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017
salut et bonne année.

 je t'ai watcher

comme amie sur DA,car j'aime top tes dessin!
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wotawota Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Happy New Year! Shinshun Heiwa Amulet Wish Shiawase Fuku Sachi Daruma Doll Luvcoin Live Long and Prosper!
dwaters220 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Student Filmographer
Happy birthday!
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happy birthday
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Bon anniversaiiiire !
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